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For his career, Tony Dorsett rushed for 12,739 yards. He totaled 16,326 yards from scrimmage. He scored 546 points on 91 touchdowns, 77 by rushing, 13 by receiving and one on a fumble return. Dorsett, a three-time All-NFC pick, who was All-Pro in 1981 and a veteran of four Pro Bowls, played in five NFC championship games and Super Bowls XII and XIII. He had impressive post-season statistical totals — 1,383 rushing yards and 1,786 yards from scrimmage in 17 games. In the 1982 regular season finale during a Monday night game against the Minnesota Vikings, Dorsett set a record that may some day be tied but will never be broken – a 99-yard touchdown run.  Now Tony is part of the Diva Tequila team!

Elaine Lancaster

Drag Queen Elaine Lancaster.


Nestled quietly in the southern Texas coastline, in the bantam town of Corpus Christi, is where singer/songwriter Clarissa Serna has been making a splash into the music industry, rocking the waters and changing tides along the way.

In a town rich with Latino/cumbia-based influences, emerges an artist non-conforming to the traditional music genre. With her juicy blend of pop, rock and soul, Clarissa has created a sound unique to the local flavor, yet welcoming to the mainstream market.


Houston has a secret.
It’s something so innovative, so energetic that it’s twisting and turning the sometimes-stifling image of Tejano music backward, forward and on its head. And it’s already a hit in many Mexican cities. Tamaulipas, Matamoros, Reynosa, Monterrey and San Luis Potosi have put videos and singles near the top of the charts for several years.
It’s called Negami.

Genyva Salas Tejano Music Diva.

Genyva Salas Tejano Music Diva is from the Guadalupe Valley of Texas.  She is one of the newest & most sought after Tejano artists in recent times.

Genyva on


Vocalist Tejano Roze (Mary Vasquez) originates from 2009 Tejano Music Award Winners, DFW’s own Grupo Sueño. She has also performed as lead vocalist for DFW Secretos Band de Tommy Perez, and her own band Texxas Posse from Dallas,TX.
Vocalist and Bassist Raul Delgado originates from the original S.TX popular band, Grupo Sensacion. Other bands he has been engaged in for a number of years are Conjunto Central and En Vivo Band.

Street Talk

Street Talk


Texican Internet Radio

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Lisa Mar is an up and coming Tejano Music sensation. As an entertaining performer on stage, her band draws in crowds and puts on a show like no other. She was a 2014 Tejano Music Awards Nominee for best new female artist. With many hit singles, she continues to be in her “Diva Moment”

“Shake It Baby” on youtube


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